Long Past Short History

There comes a time you stop wanting to be old and you want to be young again,

It's just funny cos these kids really want to be old yet their parents want to be young again

You only realise somethings happening when it's already happened

I can feel myself reaching it already 


Tryna get chucked outa lessons cos your bored cos detentions don’t go on your criminal records,

But now if you make a mistake, you might not be forgiven,

i'm growing up too quick, i just cant seem to make the most of it

ive wasted alot of time and theres already been countless opportunities ive missed

I’ll have the cake but not the candles,

I know i’m getting old when i start wearing socks n sandels

N i start moaning about these teenage vandals

I cant just wait for things to happens, cos from what ive seen theres no patterns

And everythings hidden, i wish i could go back and do a few things that i didnt


With reality you lose touch, cos you think about life too much

i swear ive gone mad thinking about the universe, why is nothing just clear cut

theres must be 1 father in the sky, i just wish it was still the same at Christmas

You can believe in yourself, but if thats not winning prizes you're losing business

you reach crunch time 1 time, then you risk a path

Cos you gota first act serious if you want the last laugh


We've moved so far into who we are but we've lost the past

I've felt the rise now I'll feel the fall but don't we all

La La Land

we grow up with more pressure than love

it seems our best is never enough,

all these expectations are truly messing me up

Verse 1
I pace around my room watching paint dry,
I can’t tell the difference between day and night,
I can’t tell the difference between black and white,
I aint seen him ages man, is Jack alrite?
Nah i’m fucking stressed, i cant think of the best thing to do next,
They’re not loose, they’re aint any screws left,
Let me chop off yours, i need a new head,
I never remember my nights out,
Just an empty wallet left, i need sort my life out,
A slap aint powerful enough to switch be back to reality,
I need someone to punch my fucking lights out,
Maybe rip my eyes out, so i can see myself
Lend me my own hand, cos i really need some help/////////////
Shall i start this essay, nah smoke another cigarette
Tattoo my eyelids and i’ll still forget
An hour with my gp which ive missed again
look at me Im mister lazy out the mister men
Im eating junk food, no minerals n vitamins
Fuck 5 fruit a day, i aint eaten 5 fruit all year,
Although i drink 3 cans of cider, so i guess im pretty near,
2 shots n another beer, but i still aint closer enough,
Understand i ent drunk until im throwing up
I cant walk up the stairs without being outabreath
I start my coursework with only an hour left
Ive learnt nothing at uni, i’m learnt out,
Ive burnt out, ive been knocked out in the third round/////////////
No motivation, no power of will,
My weeks are just a fuckload of hours to kill.
get a girl by your side man it's love by your side,
Nah, Im tryna clear my head out, not do my head in
Anyway ive already got a broken heart
My 360 just got the red rings.
words comes outa my mouth but they don’t really make sense,
i talk in grunts, like the cave men
the elite team of wastemen, but im bored of the silence,
im about to cause some fucking mayhem.
I’ll have my headphones loud, you might see me about
But my hearts in my music, my heads in the clouds,
If im letting you down, im not helping you up,
Im a lost soul now, i truly don’t give a fuck.


ima keep dreaming till im dead
im not going out with any feelings of regret
im essential to the scene, id rather graft than surrender
im not hard to remember, not easy to forget
like these demons in my head, a neverending fight against insanity,
but im not leaving til im red
they say each person has a book, love or mystery
this is my attempt to write my pages in history
im at home on the mic,
see me on the street, it’s different me
You gota face it head on or you’ll get left behind,
Fight the critics, until theres none left to fight,
Im not wasting time, cos i might be the next to blow
and equally i might be the next to die,
mindset set, the aims to build a legacy,
growing on the bones of my enemies,
more hate increases the work rate
a reversal of everything they’ve said to me
im nearing control in my life
i got a chokehold on this bitch n ima never let her breath
i got an animal inside now ima set him free
20 years of built up energy
a leap of faith does not immediately mean you’re putting your future in jeopardy/////////
Ive felt the lows of life and wished the highs of death,
I’ll admit that cos the truth hurts more the longer its kept,
Ive been up n down, tossed around, lost n found,
You have to sacrifice your mind to be the best
Too much time is an extremely dangerous thing,
The clock will stop one day, but now is not the time to check,
I realised i got a fuckin life to live,
I got the title in my sights n ima Fight for it,
Jump in my ring i’ll give u sumin to sing about
the power in these fingertips is frightening
ive everything to gain, and nothing to prove,
ive got nothing anyway so theres nothing to lose,
on the bottom or the top, rags or riches
obscurity or fame, surely no thought to choose
when you know inside that you can make a change
this is about your heart, not about my name
my fight, my grace, my laugh will be the face of the present
you can’t erase the past but you can save the day
a life with no risk, is a risk in itself
so im doin this for me, and nobody else
i got an animal inside now ima let him go
20 years of built up energy
a leap of faith does not immediately mean you’re putting your future in jeopardy//////////
i got an animal inside now ima set him free
20 years of built up energy
i got an animal inside now ima let him go
hold my head up n leave the rest to grow
i’m gonna use this chance to dance
combine a hopeful future with an angry past
im gona take this day to sing
cos if your not in a race, your not gona win////


New day, Same shit, every night, wasted
New shoes, same walk, fake smile, shame talks
We grow up, too quick, 1 brain, but no chance to use it
No thought, just a loud mouth, no progress, like a roundabout
1 dream, no help, another failure, oh well
Innocent children, ruthless media, no pride for them with the perfect picture//////////
1 rich, 10 poor, new clothes, that we’ve sent for
Power, poverty, incurable inequality, yeh right
Same heart, different colours, its not a competition, we’re all brothers
what's it all for?
whats the point in tryna win a unwinnable war
human, physical, why do we still act like these threats are invisible
The future is a thing of the past, only a fool would believe this present’ll last//////////
Hard work, no gain, but we do our best to hide the pain
These daily battles, we fight, haunt us, each night
New friends, that you pretend to know, you may not have a house, but you’ll always have a home
The harder you try to find the signs of life the more you fight ure mind
The harder you try to find the signs of life the more you lose ure mind
Heaven, hell, where am i going, i can’t tell/////////
Ive learnt to love hate and to hate love
Cos love is overated


Doctor Doctor


Lights, fade,

Faces blur

a new found confidence

And another world to forget

Doctor doctor, ive dropped too many shots of vodka,

Now my head is spinning like a helicopter

n the funny thing, i haven’t left the house yet,

i could really do with winning a thousand pound bet,

Call a taxi, crawl on the floor, sprawl in the backseat,

Get him to pull in a backstreet,

if im getting into this club, i need a bit of luck,

cos im drunk, oi lady luck, wake me up,

i dont wana go to a pub, ah im chuffed, i got in

 now the sub pumps into the blood,

i keep bumping into people, i don’t mean people i know

these strobe lights are so bright

im ghost white, like most nights

time to sing along to wrong song

Down a pint, rinse a quick cig to help kick it in,

This girls tryna talk to me, but i aint really listening,

Bla bla bla bla bla bla,

Yep cya later, stagger back to the bar

when i hit more drinks, i have shit mornings,

but no sacrifice would make life a bit boring

so im going hard like theres no tomorrow, ironic,

now all my brain cells have fucked off, im on it

where are you? Why werent you picking up your phone?

Bruv im on the dancefloor, dancing on my own

see i hope youve enjoyed the show,

but i might have to go to bed you know before my fucking head explodes

Ended the night with a double, walked out in a bubble, got in trouble with the police, ended up on my knees, cos they said i was tryna murder this cheeseburger, which i was, i lost 10 quid then it all started kicking off,





One Man World

You can't spend your whole life being nice

one day you'll have to make a sacrafice

cos it's a one man world out there

Success is for the people, Who live busy and sleep peaceful

Failure should be applauded, in general more supported

Risks will be rewarded, Plagued when you ignore it

Like a curse when you were born, Every step a forfit

You have to die by the sword, Cos if you fight like a king,

Your more likely to win, Than if you dream within your thoughts

And live a life lived a million times before,

A million times before


I believe in fate, but you gotta make fate happen

Cos the world will do its best to hide your talents

So when you lose your balance, you gota stand back up

ive learnt its a good sign if youve ever had enough

Advice is advice, if you wana roll the dice, roll the dice,

Ive heard em say, your either ruthless or useless,

When you die theres a dilemma, ure either dead or alive, alive is better,


Learn to Forget

We learn to forget

We hurt to protect

We murder to get life

We work just to get taxed

This pain feels hourless,

I’ve got so much power yet im powerless


Its taken 20 years to learn that shit

And now my dreams are burning out like a candle wick

I can’t handle this,

It seems however hard i work i still can’t soften the blows i keep getting hit

1 step forward, 2 steps back, ive lost control lately, now my only mission is to get it back,

Countless set backs, if you don’t know me, then don’t get involved, just stand up and get back,

Never use my cover to judge my book, im screaming on the inside, i aint as calm as i look,

Happiness comes from within

but we still think cos we’re rich we can buy things to make ourselves feel better,

but remember, smiles don’t last forever, mine don’t last an hour, barely five minutes,

all this stress, so much weight on my chest, it seems my only way to relax is to write lyrics,

does being quiet make you boring, im just better at listening than talking,

while you read a girl, i write a song, i mighta won todays battle, but tomorrow the war goes on

but when the tables turn, and im not feeling weak,

im twice as strong, shame thats only two times a week, when the spotlights on me,

i just feel caged in, i cant remember what its like to be free

1 minute im invincible, i’ll focus my energy and rinse it all,

my moods unpredictable, i’ll speak for 2 hours straight, 2 hours straight

then the next hour i won’t say a thing at all,

who woulda thought doing nothing would be so physical,

ive been thrown in the deep end of the lifes swimming pool.

Have i grown up, that’s debatable,

I still do the same shit on a Friday night, as i did before i finished school,

Its just different now, ive got real-life dreams,

It might be why im so tired, get what i mean

Its just different now, ive got real life problems

And there aint no-one else to help solve them,

Its different now, people dont understand the real me,

I wish you could jump in my body and see what i see,

they question the music, the time ive invested

 i cant begin to express how it looks from my perspective,

but i'll tell you the best bit, is freeing my mind,

and then it’s 4 minutes of my rhymes,

describing this crazy life, somethings telling me to go for this music cos

uni’s starting to feel like a waste of time.

When you work so hard for something

Course you’d be annoyed if it amounts to nothing

But the way i see it now, atleast you tried,

cos money won’t keep you warm when you die, only pride.